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The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Child…


Making the time to play with our children can be hard. I fight the urge to get one more chore done or respond to one more email. As a Behavior Analyst and teacher who has worked with children for over 15 years at times I look at my daughter and think to myself “gosh what should I do now”?

So I look at my beautiful daughter and think to myself, “I want to be the parent who plays with her child. I don’t want to be a good parent. I want to be a great parent!” I know that my time is the greatest gift I can give my daughter…and I want to fill that time with memories. Great memories that will bring her joy and happiness. Sometimes I can do this naturally just by being in the moment with her singing, laughing, etc. Other times I need a plan. Teachers call this a lesson plan, Verbal Behaviorists call it a NET plan, and as a mom I might call it a recipe for making memories.

Below are a couple recipes that may work for you. If you use them I would love to hear about it and if you have memories of your own that might help me or other parents please share them. Tis’ the season!

#1- Bubbles Bonanza- I am told that bubbles are a worldwide fun activity. Here are few ideas on how to use them. Despite age, our children are all at different levels and may enjoy any of the following: popping them, catching the bubbles on the wand, singing the bubble song, making homemade bubbles and coloring the bubbles with food coloring (outside with black clothes).

#2- Aromatherapy Dough – Years of research indicate that our sense of smell is most linked to our emotional recollection. Consider using small containers and filling them with homemade dough. Then add oil: peppermint, lavender, rose, and orange are all great options. You can smell the oiled dough, mix them, roll them on your child’s hands or feet. More advanced children can guess which oil is which or what the combinations are. Some can play chef and make peppermints or orange juice. Other children can play gardener and grow oranges, roses or lavender.

There are many blogs and websites that have some awesome ideas on memory making!