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Love 2 Learn in the News

Love 2 Learn in the News


Love 2 Learn Earns Behavior Center of Excellence Accreditation

Love 2 Learn Recognized for Excellent Programming and Clinical Quality

Huntington Beach, CA; 12/26/2017 - Love 2 Learn Consulting, a Southern California leader in
providing Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech and Occupational Therapy for Children, announced
today that they are now a Behavior Center of Excellence. This accreditation recognizes Love 2
Learn Consulting as an Applied Behavior Analysis Service Provider that meets quality standards
and core tenets of Behavioral Health Center of Excellence including:

● Qualified and adequately trained staff
● Quality clinical treatment programming
● High levels of caregiver involvement and collaboration
● Accessibility to service
● Consumer satisfaction built on a culture of consumer education
● Employee satisfaction built on continuing supervision, professional growth and supervision
● Continuous measures of client outcome

Of the company’s recent accreditation, Love 2 Learn CEO said, “I couldn’t be more elated to
announce our Behavior Center of Excellence Accreditation. Our goal of being and growing the
best possible resources in our field has been recognized by our community and our peers. For
that, we are wholeheartedly grateful and look forward to continue in our journey of embodying
the most cutting edge and effective service possible.”

In order to receive such a prestigious acknowledgement, Love 2 Learn achieved the following
Caregiver Satisfaction ratings:
93% of caregivers agree or strongly agree that Love 2 Learn’s teaching targets their child’s
treatment program are challenging but doable. Thus, outnumbering the industry average of 88%.
91% of caregivers agree or strongly agree that their child’s challenging behaviors have been
reduced and new skills have been acquired. Again, outpacing the industry average at 92%.
94% of caregivers agree or strongly agree that overall, they are satisfied with their service
providers. Once more, exceeding the industry average of 88%.

Additionally, caregiver feedback collected by the Behavioral Center of Excellence demonstrated
overwhelming appreciation for the services provided by Love 2 Learn.
One caregiver was quoted saying, “Thank you for simply going above and beyond to help not
just my child but, accepting us as a whole family. Thank you for everything you guys do.”
Aside from recording caregiver satisfaction, the Behavioral Center of Excellence heavily weighs
employee satisfaction in considering a ABA provider for the prestigious accreditation. Staff
satisfaction averaged above 80% indicating the staff generally “agree” or “strongly agree” with
positive indicators of relationship management, work environment, workplace culture, and work

Overall, the Behavioral Center of Excellence Accreditation indicates Love 2 Learn’s commitment
to a quality program that is ready to grow and scale ethically and effectively.
About Love 2 Learn Consulting: Love 2 Learn Consulting is an organization that provides
Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech and Occupational Therapy for children in their natural
environment. Love 2 Learn is committed to offering quality services throughout the Southern
California community. Internally, Love 2 Learn is a place where talented professionals can come
together to live a life of balance, service, and self-challenge while significantly improving the lives
we serve.