Behavior Interventionist

Career pathway

Behavior Interventionists (BIs) are provided robust initial training of a minimum of  40 hours prior to working directly with any clients. BIs provide services under the leadership of Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Ongoing training and support is also a large part of how we maintain our commitment to excellence and best practices.  We assure our staff has learning opportunities from their peers and supervisors in various settings that include:  the home, our clinic, social skills opportunities, community-based instruction, and virtual platforms.

Those that thrive enjoy working with children and parents. The opportunities to play, be creative, and impact clients is truly endless in this space.  Some of our favorite highlights in our work include: 

  • teaching a child their first word

  • toilet training graduates

  • shaping leisure skills that are meaningful such as: sports, music, art, film editing and more

  • standing next to a parent while they witness first words due to the hard work of our team and the learner together

  • witnessing a client asking for what they need when previously they used tantrums to communicate

  • supporting a learner in getting their first job

There are many moments in this work when you know your time, your skills, and your focus opens the doors of a better life for those we serve.

Our training includes all the skills to achieve these goals such as: keeping reinforcers salient, offering novel experiences, shaping behavior, reinforcing behavior, pairing, correction procedures, generalization, thinking through task analysis, program delivery systematically changing as goals are mastered, data collection, medical record documentation, communication with all, following HIPAA regulations and most recently maintaining CDC recommended sanitation procedures.

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