Behavior Interventionist

Career pathway

Please enjoy this Tribute that was made for Love 2 Learn staff.  Summer 2020

L2L Behavior Interventionists (BIs) are provided robust initial training of a minimum of of 40 hours prior to working directly with any clients. BIs provide services under the Leadership of Board Certified Behavior Analysts as well as a mid- tier supervisors. 

As Behavior Interventionists gain experience and master their own clinical skills, opportunities for growth and more responsibilities are presented. Behavior Interventionists have the opportunity to learn from their peers and supervisors in various settings that include: our clinic, social skills opportunities, community based instruction and virtual platforms.

If this Position sounds like fun, it is.  The opportunities to play are endless. However it is hard work that requires: keeping reinforcers salient, offering novel experiences, shaping behavior, reinforcing behavior, pairing, correction procedures, generalization, thinking through task analysis, program delivery systematically changing as goals are mastered, data collection, medical record documentation, communication with all, following HIPAA regulations and most recently maintaining CDC recommended sanitation procedures.

the impact our  Behavior Interventionists Make change the trajectory of our child's success greatly.  Its is a role we value and cherish.

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