COVID- 19 Updates


Cập nhật về Covid-19

Dear Love 2 Learn Community,
We hope you have been adjusting to the new normal as best as possible and enjoying some of the little things during this time.  We know how smart and resilient our community is and we are all doing our best every day to make sure we are maintaining our commitment to excellence even during this pandemic.
Our current services include:
-in home (person to person) on a very limited basis with strict restrictions and policies
-tele-health is available to all Love 2 Learn families as well as new families.
-tele-health Special Interest Opportunities
Our clinic remains closed at this time. 
If you haven't accessed these services please email  We realize that telehealth is new and that can sometimes feel hard.  However, if you would like your favorite clinicians to come to your home when this passes please, schedule a telehealth session with them immediately through scheduling.
We have been touched to hear so many of you ask how can you help Love 2 Learn during this time.  It warms our hearts to hear this.  However we are here to make your lives better.  You can explore how this works via telehealth.  Please continue to know that we are in this together.  We are here to support our families, staff and community. 
Renee Keisman
Families we are pleased to share that our staff are considered Essential Workers and are able to provide in home services along with Telehealth during this time.  Starting Monday our 1:1 staff will be commencing services in the home while adhering to our polices and procedures. 
Please complete the following survey so that we can begin this process for your family.  If you are not wanting services in the home at this moment, please still fill out the survey as we need to account for all our clients.
please follow the link below:



Dear Love 2 Learn Community,


"Due to COVID-19,  Love 2 Learn has made the difficult decision to pause all in-home services for the next 2 weeks or until further notice. We are working to support advocacy in order to provide for our staff during this time at multiple levels.


We will be contacting all families over the next 48 hours to discuss continuity of care through Telehealth. 


We hope that our decision to support our community in flattening the curve leads to greater success in safeguarding the health of our community.   Please stay connected with us to support our advocacy efforts to support our community that has been negatively impacted in this situation. 


Going forward, we will post updates as they come in. Please take this time to ensure that you are taking care of your health during this very difficult time.



Renee Keisman

CEO, Owner and Founder

Love 2 Learn Consulting



Please visit our new pages in Vietnamese and Spanish for translations. The links are located above.  More information to come soon.  

Stay Healthy.



Dear Love 2 Learn Staff and Families,


Thank you for keeping calm during this time. Leadership have been working with the larger ABA community that includes ABA specific advocacy groups who are providing daily information and direction in navigating this situation. 


The way that we are able to provide service started changing this past Friday and we will see continued restrictions and barriers to providing face to face therapy in order to do our part in flattening this curve.   


We have had families request a pause in services with only telehealth during this time.  In addition, we have had staff reach out to decline seeing clients at this time. While others are wanting to work and see our staff for longer durations when possible.  We also understand family and staff perspectives, decisions, and priorities change as new information is provided. 


To summarize our responses so far we have: closed the clinic, begun the discussion through survey with both staff and families in regards to risk assessments, reducing the number 

of clinicians seeing each client, increasing safety measures and most importantly implementing the use of telehealth as we weather this storm. 


As we have new information we will share it with the community.  In the meantime please follow our updated safety procedures while either working in the home or having a staff member in the home.



Dear Love 2 Learn families and staff,

Thank you for staying healthy, calm and compassionate during this time. 

The leadership team is in discussion with our funding sources and various experts 
to continue navigating our next steps to navigate these challenging times. 

Please continue to stay healthy by following the CDCs recommendations to flatten the curve.


For our Staff: Thank you for staying calm, healthy and supportive.  We appreciate that many of you are able and willing to continue 

to support our families in providing medically necessary services.  Be sure to be taking time to care for yourself during these times of change.  

  1. Cleaning Supplies are readily available tomorrow morning at our clinic.  

  2. Starting tomorrow please follow the attached procedure -In Home Safety One Page Policy


5 FAQ Family Questions:

Love 2 Learn families, thank you for your compassion, support and positive feedback through our last survey.  Your gratitude and support is very much appreciated. We are in this together. We are staying focused on supporting our families and team. 


Q: Can Love 2 Learn send staff with cleaning supplies for toys?

       A: While supplies last, yes.  We are making supplies and funding for supplies available.


Q: I want to make sure anyone coming into my house is not sick.  

      A: Yes. We feel the same way.   We all need to stay home and or cancel sessions when sick at this time.  Respiratory illness can’t be  risked. Prior to anyone entering the home environment, prior to each session until further notification, our families will receive a phone call from clinician to review our wellness to assure each other of our health.  Please see the attached resource being provided to our staff. In-home Safety One Pager


Q:What are telehealth services? 

     A:Telemedicine (also referred to as "telehealth" or "e-health") allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients           using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel. It has been shown to be an effective and efficient way to provide therapy.


Depending on funding source regulations, the following services may be provided via telehealth.


Parent Consultation can be provided via telehealth

Supervision can be provided via telehealth

Face to Face sessions may also be available


There are levels of client categorization for telehealth 

1. Independent – caregiver support not needed 

2. Semi Support –  caregiver login support and redirection (intermittent)  

3. Full support –  caregiver onsite for login, redirection, and physical hands needed for program delivery and delivery of tangible rewards


Q:What do I do if my other children also have to stay home because of school closures? Will I need to cancel the session due to more people in the home during the session? 

    A: No. However we are asking that siblings and other household members who aren’t required to be part of this medically necessary treatment, to please refrain from being in the treatment space during this time. Please take a look at other modifications we’re asking during sessions to protect both your family and our staff.  We like to call it a win-win.In-home Safety One Pager


Q: If anyone is coming into my home, can they get tested for COVID-19?

      A: Not at this time.  Per the CDC this is the direction we are getting in regards to testing.


Thank you to all who have completed the surveys linked below as well as read our updates.  We will be providing more information as it comes.

Updated Communication 

Newest Update 3.13.20  

Our clinic is temporarily closing during this National Emergency.  This can change daily.  Find our latest updates here on our website. 

Communication Plan: 
We will commit to providing a daily update on this website. (Sunday-Friday by 6 pm PST) 


We need to hear from you: 

Families Please Complete:

Staff Please Complete:

Changes to Service Delivery During State of Emergency Due To COVID- 19:

Over the next few business days we are communicating with both staff and families about the following: 

To take an inventory to determine if we have any members that are immunocompromised.
Which families are open to telehealth for direct, parent consultation and supervision.  
Move home sessions to be held by 1 staff member solely when feasible. 
All community and clinic ABA sessions are directed back to the home to decrease exposure and maintain social distance as recommended by the CDC. (


Love 2 Learn cares about our staff and families and is following the latest developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and would like to remind you of some helpful tips to stay healthy.

The following tips were provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
When possible Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Drink water and stay hydrated.
Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using regular household cleaning spray and wipes.
Before and after session, when out in the field, ask clients if it is possible to wash your hands.
In addition you will find the toy sanitation procedure to follow throughout your home sessions. It is our intention that this will reduce the risk of exposure for our clinical team.
Please sanitize every toy with an approved sanitation spray/wipe following its use. This should be done immediately after the child is done playing with one particular toy.
If you are using toys found in the child’s home, wipe every toy used from the family home prior to handling the toy .
Please follow the recommended wait period (usually 10 minutes) to ensure and germs on the item are effectively killed before handling.

Love 2 Learn Staff:


If you are near the office, please feel free to stop by starting Monday to pick up some sanitizing spray for your toys, we plan to have at least 40 bottles available for pick up to take with you. If you will not be near the office, please feel free to purchase any hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes/ and spray and L2L will reimburse you for up to $5 dollars. We ask that you refer to the attached list of approved products (see below).  Please submit a receipt (by email) to

CDC Approved Sanitation Products:

For more information regarding COVID-19, log onto the CDC website: