Love 2 Learn May 2021 News


Thank you for pouring into our families, our staff and our community the way you do! Weaving warmth throughout all we do together is an art you have mastered well as a Love 2 Learn team member. Your impact in enriching lives is felt at all levels of our community. We genuinely are grateful for your service!

6 Years! 4 Years! 3 Years! 2 Years!

Abigail A. Joyce C. Amber O. Susanne M.

Katherine K. Tara H.

Joshua M.


We can't wait to start working with you and our families are going to be excited for all the goodness you are bringing to our team! Annalie C., Cynthia S., & Tijera G.


We celebrated with a special message with a little extra love to the beautiful professionals who keep our space magical. Their kindness, compassion, resourcefulness, and skills allow the clinicians to be clinicians, parents to be parents, and so much more. We hope you can feel our heartfelt gratitude for doing what you do and being who you are! - Chayenne, Denise, Liz, Danny, Joyce, Lizet, Leticia, Jonna, Diego, Lettie, Michele & June!


Professionals: A Dash of Mindfulness - Monday, May 3rd @ 12pm

Parents: Mindful Tools for Life -Wednesday, May 28th at 12pm

Transitioning to Adulthood @ CIP, June 9th at 12 pm

L2L Professionals ACT Roundtable with Dr. Gould, June 11th at 2pm


May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Asian Pacific American heritage has been celebrated since 1979 however it become official in 1992 that May is to be Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The Asia Society has a campaign called, 31 ways to celebrate the vibrant and diverse traditions and contributions of Asians and Asian Americans. Click here for more information. There are virtual and in-person programming with on-demand family activities, art breaks, staff recommendations, and more.

Would you like to share a story, a picture, a recipe, an event? The intention is to elevate the stories, contributions, and experiences of the Asian and Asian American communities. Allow us to share yours in our newsletter and on our social media. Share the beauty of the Asian Pacific Heritage from your view here.


We're always looking to add amazing people to our team! If you know anyone who loves to work with kids, belong to an awarding winning team & shares in our core values - send them our way. We'd love to chat!

We're also bonusing anyone that refer a team member that speaks Vietnamese. Click here to contact HR for more details.


Love 2 Learn is dedicated to Workplace inclusivity which starts with respecting each employee, celebrating individual differences, and enforcing inclusivity through real action.

Please allow us to amplify your voice, your history, your traditions, your religion, gender preferences and your causes that are near and dear to you. What holidays, events, role models, would you like shared via our newsletter and our Social Media channel? Share anonymously by clicking here!


Feedback provides Love 2 Learn the opportunity to grow and continue to do better. Thank you for entrusting us with your feedback so that we may assure that our commitment to excellence is experienced by all. Once feedback is submitted it will be reviewed by leadership and we will correspond with you to share the actions taken. The attached form does not collect emails. Your name is an optional field. We want all to feel safe to express. Please click here.


Are you working with a team that is making all the difference for you? A gentle reminder to let them know the magic they are making in your lives goes along way. If you want them to be eligible to win a raffle for their commitment to excellence click here!


My learner and their parents want them to hold a pencil "the right way", how do I teach them?

  1. Work on hand strengthening activities using playdough (see if they can imitate rolling it like a snake or into a ball, hide small beads inside for them to "dig out", squirt guns or spray bottles with water work on strengthening).

  2. Color with smaller utensils like crayons broken in half, small pieces of chalk, golf pencils, or paint with Q-tips to facilitate more mature grasping patterns

  3. Color on an easel or paper taped onto a wall/door to increase their shoulder strength and stability to support their grasp


CDC recommends vaccination for optimal effectiveness in the pandemic fight against COVID-19. Click here to read more from the CDC and fully vaccinated guidelines.

Have you heard? We're at one-third! As of April 22, 2021, one in three people in the United States over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated! Although not required, Love 2 Learn Consulting LLC, falls under the CDC Phase 1a vaccine distribution definition for a health care worker! Appointments are dependent on vaccine supply and can be made through the county resources:

  • (OC)

  • MyTurn, (LA)

  • (SD)



  • Kaiser.

QUOTE: “When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization.” — Pat Wadors

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