Sitting Can be Hard!

Occupational Therapists get this question often:

How can I help my learner to sit at the table to


We have answers. Read on for some tips!

  1. Before sitting down, make sure to spend 5-10min. doing active, whole body play (e.g. jumping, walk outside, climbing, dancing, catching/throwing a ball, yoga moves, scooter).

  2. Make sure the table and chair are the right size for your learner. They should have their feet flat on the floor and be positioned like this picture "90-90-90".

  3. If your learner wants to stand to work or needs a break to move, allow them to do so.

  4. If your learner is on a Zoom and moving a lot, you can try offering a stress ball, playdoh, or other fidget to see if having their hands busy helps him sit longer.

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