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Senior Regional Director Position

Love 2 Learn is now hiring a Senior Regional Director who is responsible for leading, managing and holding their team accountable for quality, compliance, and clinical performance metrics. This role oversees Associate Regional Directors, Clinical Program Managers and Clinical Supervisors in addition to their own cases. The Regional Director oversees the integrity of all ABA programs as well as supports, trains and mentors team members to ensure the quality of services as well as the performance of their staff.

Essential Functions of the Senior Regional Director:


1. Managing cases, while providing leadership and mentorship to their treatment team.

2. Conduct quality assurance case reviews at a prescribed frequency and/or when necessary.

3. Conduct regular audits while exercising discretion and independent judgement in the management and compliance of client services (based on the regulations of their funding source) and supervision of the treatment team based on Love 2 Learn policies & procedures.

4. Manage and enhance utilization for families and staff for their Region to ensure the effectiveness of services including collaborating with the finance team on authorizations.

5. Manage, track, graph and enhance performance metrics set by Love 2 Learn to ensure the highest client outcomes, parent and staff satisfaction , and fiscal performance for their Region and report to the Executive team weekly and monthly.

6. Complete and provide feedback on performance evaluations of employees, including recommendations as to advancement or other changes in status in their Region.

7. Assist in the hiring process by conducting interviews, reviewing work samples, or lead working interviews for their Region.

8. Interact with families and funding sources to handle treatment team complaints and grievances.

9. Assist with training and the professional development of staff.

10. Collaborate on the client intake process including determining supervisor staffing, communicating with the scheduling team and conducting initial and ongoing assessments as well as designing and maintaining treatment programs by utilizing Love 2 Learn assessment tools (ABBLS, AFLS, Vineland, FB’s, and DAYC-2) when necessary.

11. Ensure their Region is adhering to the highest levels of documentation in accordance with funding source and state regulations for internal and external stakeholders.


● Demonstrate good judgment and decision making

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

● Previous experience working in a team environment and comfortable working independently

● Full Immunization Record, which includes a recent TB Test

● CPR (Basic Life Support Specific)

● Valid California Driver’s License and Auto Insurance Background Qualifications

● High school degree required. Bachelors preferred.  


● This position consists of being in the field.

● Travel in the assigned region


Position Type/Work Hours:

● Full time

● Monday through Friday

● Typically 8:00am to 6:00pm

● Weekends optional

Keeping Everyone Safe:

● PPE provided to all employees

● Daily wellness checks

● Temperature screenings

● Sanitization, disinfection and cleaning policies in place

● Tiered safety protocols for in-home and in-clinic sessions

● Mask and social distance requirements

● Virtual Interview/ Hiring Process

● Updated information in weekly newsletters, texts and postings



It was great to work for Love 2 Learn. It was amazing to have the opportunity to interact with such respectful and genuine families. I learned different avenues of ABA and how to implement ideas into actions to benefit the behaviors of young children & their families. With the support of Supervisors and families, as a Behavior Interventionist I was able to produce quality results for clients, siblings and parents. Families could see adjustments in behaviors. Simple tasks such as brushing teeth and attending the Doctors Office were not only feasible but becoming enjoyable. Its always appreciated when families support your methods and thank you for your efforts. However, nothing can top the sweet words from a previously non verbal client expressing joy in your arrival for session!

Image by Jason Goodman

I've thoroughly loved my experience at Love 2 Learn. Upper management is very helpful, collaborative, & friendly. They are always willing to listen to your new ideas no matter what position you hold at the company. It's a very relational, & respectful atmosphere where you have infinite possibilities of growth!

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