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Location: L2L Pediatric Clinic in Huntington Beach, CA

When: Mondays 9-10 am

Leadership: Our SLP and OT team

What to Expect: Movement, Songs, Storytime & Crafts!  See below for FAQ.


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Love 2 Learn approaches our Social Programs based on our Client and Families interests.  Over the years Love 2 Learn has created Special Interest Opportunities that have included:

  • Cooking

  • Preschool Readiness

  • Film Making

  • Legos

  • Sports

  • Science Experiences

  • DIY

  • Gardening

  • Karate 

  • Yoga and more!

In addition Love 2 Learn has hosted Community Based Instruction in settings such as 

  • Jump Parks

  • Playgrounds

  • Splashpads

  • Holiday Gatherings

  • Therapeutic Horseback riding

  • Restaurants

  • Movies

  • Malls

  • Golfing

  • Fishing

  • Amusement Parks and more!

Current Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who leads our Preschool Readiness Opportunity?

Our Speech and Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist leads our groups. They have over 30 years combined experience that include cross training in Applied Behavior Analysis in addition to thier respective professions.

What is the intention for Preschool Readiness?

All participants (parents and clinicians) gain inspiration for developmentally appropriate activities and ideas that can be incorporated into everday life.

What happens in Preschool Readiness?

The specialist will introduce songs, movement, games, activities and more. Be prepared to have fun, learn, and laugh!

How long do our Preschool Readiness sessionas last?

This is a 60 minute opportunity. Some clients start with 15 minutes, over-time duration of engagement gradually increases. One of the benefits of a session such as this is the ability to ease learners into these routines and experiences at their own pace.

Who attends our Preschool Readiness?

​Some learners attend this group with their behavior interventionist, others with their parents.

What are parents saying about Preschool Readiness?

Parents have reported that they genuinely enjoy this experience. We look forward to seeing you at our next group.

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